• One half of Smosh
  • One half of WULAS
  • Ian Hecox’s partner in crime
  • Kalel-soon-to-be-Padilla’s perfect boyfriend
  • Pip & Buki’s loving cat-lady-father
  • A sexy man who can pull off being shirtless without being douchey
  • An idiot that can pull the craziest, most hilarious faces
  • A beautiful human with the prettiest hair, emo or not
  • The creator of classic comedy gold commonly found on Twitter
  • Possibly the biggest Nintendo fanboy known to mankind
  • Someone who has put a smile on a lot of people’s faces and has made their lives a hell of a lot more enjoyable
  • Anthony Padilla
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babe (≧ω≦)

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"TFIOS!AU Ianthony" Wallpaper

Dimensions: 1366x768

Download the full size image here

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Happy Birthday Anthony!

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happy birthday anthony!! you're so wonderful and thank you so much for all the laughs you've brought us!! <3

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Happy bday, Anthony! (september 16, 1987)

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♡Happy Birthday Anthony!♡

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In case you haven’t heard Melanie and Ian have broken up, please don’t spam them and freak out. They had a great seven years and we will keep it in our memory. I respect their decision and I still love them both individually. 

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